Water Proofing Latex

Water Proofing Latex for Cementeous & Construction

RELACRYL 400 is an anionic, plasticizer-free dispersion used in manufacturing great variety of...
♦ Flexible and waterproof Coatings for flat roofs, swimming pool, terrace etc.
♦ Waterproof two-components adhesive mortars
♦ Flexible insulating and waterproof coatings containing cement and mortar
♦ Can be used with Bitumen emulsions
♦ Modifying Hydraulic binders
♦ Etc...

Advantages in using Relacryl 400
♦ Earlier hardening.
♦ Improved flexibility.
♦ Greatly reduced shrinkage.
♦ Prevents bleeding.
♦ Lower water-cement ratio.
♦ Increased durability and toughness.
♦ High resistance to water penetration.
♦ Good abrasion resistance.
♦ Good frost resistance and resistance to salt permeation.
♦ Good resistance to many chemicals and to mineral oil
♦ Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
♦ Adheres well to brick, glass, asphalt, wood, expanded polystyrene and most building materials.
♦ Prolonged corrosion protection.
♦ Proven performance.
♦ Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties to concrete (unlike resin mortar sand primers).
♦ Non-toxic. Can be used with potable water.
♦ More economical than epoxy or polyester resin mortar.

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