Polymers and Latex

Seed Colour Coating Polymer

Superkote Seed coating Polymer is aqueous base, environment friendly, film forming stabilized carboxylated polymer. It is used extensively to coat seeds with additives such as pesticides, Growth stimulants and other agro chemicals. The thin coating of polymer helps the additives to stay on seeds and to avoid dusting and pollution and also enhance appearance of the seed. Leading Agriculture universities has taken the study of Superkote Seed coating base Polymer with different types of seeds for its compatibility with microbial, role in seed germination/growth promotion under stress etc. They found very good seed germination and seed vigor using Superkote Seed coating polymer.

CAUTION: The information given above are in good faith. However no guarantee is given on our part as customers method of processing, treatment, intended use etc. are not known to us. Seeds, crops and plants are live things and as such utmost care should be taken to test our product and then to process it. Client should test all the properties before using our products in bulk.

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