Paver Block

Paver Block

Our Paver Black Binder is chloride free water specially formulated Resin for applications in concrete Paver and block industry. It is effectively used to improve the quality of hollow blocks, paving blocks, etc.

♦ It reduces green stage breakages and increase compressive strength of Block and minimize breakage.

♦ Waterproof two-components adhesive mortars

♦ Flexible insulating and waterproof coatings containing cement and mortar

♦ It improves the cohesion and hence it imparts excellent finish and compactness.

♦ It improves strength at same cement concrete.

♦ It can be effectively used as a cement saver.

♦ It gives low density and gives more yields.

♦ It can be used with all standard cement types.

♦ Highly economical to use as very small dosage is required to be used.

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