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Corrugation & Pasting Adhesive

POLYBOND is two-component cold water soluble Modified starch powder. It is used for Paper Corrugation and Pasting .

The advantages of using POLYBOND are:

· POLYBOND is available in Powder form.
· It is cold water soluble.
· Generally POLYBOND 1 : 3 to 4 parts of water is used and mixed well for paper corrugation and pasting.
· No heating is required to prepare adhesive paste/glue
· Honey colour prepared paste with no settlement at bottom on storage of prepared glue
· Consistent quality and no batch-to-batch variation.
· No black particles and impurities.
· POLYBOND is NOT mixed with any cheap filler like clay etc. (This can be easily verified by preparing its paste. POLYBOND paste will be Honey in colour and no settlement will be observed in the gum pot on storage while Starch powder mixed with any cheap filler will be dirty yellow colour and filler will set at the bottom on storage.)
· This product is significantly stable with excellent flow properties.
· It has excellent tack at any concentration resulting in formation of fibre tear bond with minimum cure time.
· Due to smooth flow of the paste, uniform glue spreading resulting in higher mileage and lower consumption of Glue.
· Prepare adhesive gives good Compress Strength (CD) to the paper.
· Excellent bonding coupled with shorter drying time enables end user to increase the speed of the M/c and hence higher production.
· Ease of cleaning M/c parts resulting in lower idle time and labour cost.

Pack Size50 Kg
Pack Type HMHDPE Bags with Liner

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